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A Staffordshire Pottery Tiger

Height 6.5  inches, Circa 1855

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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

Nick Burton - for a Quality Staffordshire Figure

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1st September 2018

Do not miss it !

A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Tigers - circa 1855

Wow, Tigers !
These are so rare.
They are absolutely delightful.

Our Staffordshire animals are so marvellous.
So many dogs, cats, deer etc. etc.
I find them all beautiful.

The Lions, Leopards, Cheetah's are scarce,
but when do you see this pair of Tigers ?
The answer is you don't.

A very rare pair, the only actual pair I have seen.
This is a true pair, they have always been together.

There is a little flaking of the enamels,
there is some kiln dust,
mainly on the back and underside of the right hand Tiger.

There is no damage
and there is no restoration

Height: 6.5 inches