Specialist in Fine English Pottery

A Staffordshire Figure of a Spaniel and Greyhound Group - circa 1850

Yes it is the delightful Staffordshire figure on the front cover of
A - Z of Staffordshire Dogs by Clive Mason Pope.

Well it is very similar, please go to bottom of the home page
and look at
Spot the Difference.

This a bright and colourful decorative figure.
There has been restoration to the nose and neck of the
right hand greyhound, with a hairline crack on his front leg and another
round his back, there is also minor chipping to one of his ears and a small chip
on the base below him.  That sounds like he has had a bad time,
but he really does feel and look good.

The colouring on this figure is excellent, the modelling sharp and
the gilding is good.

It is not perfect - which is why it is Cheap and Cheerful!

Height: 6.5 inches

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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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