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Nick Burton - for a Quality Staffordshire Figure

A Staffordshire Pottery Pastoral Group - circa 1850

A lovely figure of a delightful rural scene .

Our Potters produced many many scenes of the countryside.

Here we have it all;
A brilliantly colourful couple,
the girl with a little bird and
the boy holding a birds nest.
A gorgeous little spaniel by a stream
and seated at their feet.

The modelling is crisp and sharp.
The colouring of this figure is outstanding,
the full range of enamel colours and brilliant cobalt blue.
Nicely gilded with a wonderful glaze.

It is in marvellous condition,
a small chip at the back of his hat
and some very minor flaking of the enamels.

There is no restoration.

Height: 8.25 inches


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