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Nick Burton - for a Quality Staffordshire Figure

A Pair Staffordshire Figures of Greyhounds - circa 1852

Made by Thomas Parr
of  34, Church Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.

This is a very rare and beautiful true pair by a Master Potter.
One greyhound seated over a rabbit or hare
and another greyhound seated with a spaniel.
Sometimes found more sparsely coloured, not this pair,
they are as colouful as you could hope to find

The enamels on this wonderful pair are superb.
They are all lively, this green is often flaked but here they are perfect,
the classic Thomas Parr bases almost glow they are so bright.
Lovely faces, good condition, what a pair !

There is minor restoration to the ears of both dogs.

Height: 5 inches & 5.75 inches

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