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A Staffordshire Figure of a Greenwich Pensioner - circa 1844

A fine staffordshire "Alpha factory" figure of

"The Sailor, safely moored in Greenwich Hospital".

This is the rare version.

The source of this figure is a print as titled above.
He is wearing the classic uniform of the sailor and
it is a lovely figure.

This figure is one of a pair,
it being: "The Soldier, snug quarters in Chelsea Hospital".

There is another much more common version of this figure pictured below
for comparison purposes.
The "other more common" version has a distinctly rounder, deeper base.
I doubt that there is a pair to this other version.
I have come across a number of examples of this figure
and feel that if a pair did exist, it would have surely come to light by now.

This figure and its pair really are rare.
Ask yourself, when did you actually see any example of either one ?

This lovely example is in very good condition,
with no damage and with no restoration.

Height: 8 inches

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