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A Staffordshire Figure of Garibaldi circa 1864

Garabaldi the first Italian hero ?

Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian soldier and patriot
and helped unify Italy.  In 1864 he visited England and was welcomed
with great enthusiasm.  Garibaldi and his "red shirts" were heroes
in the story of Italian independence and at least 16 different figures
of him were produced by our potters.

This lovely figure of "Garabaldi" is my favourite of the different models.
John Hall, a Staffordshire specialist, used an example of this figure on the
front cover of his book "Staffordshire Portrait Figures" first published in 1972.
Just take a 2nd look at the marvellous modelling of it, yes you can see why.


This rare figure is an very nice example,
sharp modelling, bright colouring, a brilliantly painted face,
nice gilding and a fine glaze.

It is in very good condition,
only minor restoration to enamels.

Height: 8.5 inches

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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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