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A Staffordshire Figure of Smith & Collier - circa 1866

A portrait figure of a notorious murder.

Yes another great story !
Remembered with the help of our Staffordshire figures.

Local to the Potteries,
this was a murder in North Staffordshire.
In 1866 Thomas Smith was deliberately shot dead
by a neighbouring smallholder William Collier,
whom he had caught poaching on his land.

The remarkable story of the murder,
investigation, trial and famously botched ececution
is detailed in the crime section of "Pugh" - a must read !

This is another rare and fine portrait figure,
full of historical interest and in very good condition.

It is the best example of this figure I have seen.
 Well coloured and gilded, good modelling
with brilliant cobalt blue jackets.
Three versions of this murder exist
and this is by far the rarest.

There is a very small scuff to the tip of the hat
and the tip of the gun broken off.

There is no restoration.

Height: 9.5 inches

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