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A Staffordshire Figure of Richard Cobden circa 1846

Made by the Alpha Factory.
Wow - I love those red striped trousers !

Richard Cobden was a great advocate of free trade.
We could all do with him advising the European Union !

In 1838 he founded the Anti-Corn Law League
and became the Member of Parliament for Stockport in 1841.
He will always be remembered as the main figure that led to the
abolition of the hated Corn Laws in 1846.

This lovely figure is the most attractive example
I have seen, yes I'm swayed by those spledid strides.

Superb modelling, a riot of brilliant colour, a nicely painted face,
good gilding and a fine glaze.

It is in very good condition,
only minor flaking to the green enamels
mainly to the side and rear.

There is no damage.
There is no restoration.

Height: 7 inches


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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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