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A Staffordshire Figure of Daniel O'Connell - circa 1843

The great Irish political leader.
Known in Ireland as "The Liberator" - say no more.

Daniel O'Connell studied law and became a member of the Irish Bar in 1798.
He fought for the for the rights of catholics
and campaigned for the repeal of the 1801 Act of Union
which had merged the parliaments of Great Britain and Ireland.
In 1828 he was elected Member of Parliament for Clare,
but was prevented from taking his seat because he was a catholic.
In 1830 he was re-elected after the passing of the
Catholic Emancipation Bill.
Elected Mayor of Dublin in 1841,
He died in 1847.

This really is a rare, charming, delightful figure.
The inspiration for this rare version of O'Connell
was a portrait engraving in
The London Illustrated News
of  November 25th 1843.
See Chapter 3 in
 Staffordshire Portrait Figures
by P.D.Gordon Pugh

It is in very good condition,
and there is no restoration.

Height: 8 inches

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