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Victorian Staffordshire Figure The Grapplers - circa 1862

Yes it is the Stunning Staffordshire figure, The Grapplers,
based on the statue modelled by J.P.Molin,
which was exhibited at the International Exhibition London in 1862.
The source for our Potters almost certainly
an engraving of this group which appeared in
The London Illustrated News.

The bronze statue now stands in front of the National Museum, Stockholm.

Traditionally in Scandanavian Countries,
Grappling was an ancient form of combat where the contestants
fought to the death with knives and were tied together by the waist.

This really is one of the iconic Victorian Staffordshire Figures.
Fantastically modelled, a real work of art.

Striking and beautifully, but subtley, painted.
This is the finest example of this rare figure I have seen.

It is in excellent condition
with no restoration.

Height: 11.5 inches


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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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