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A Staffordshire Figure Sir Robert Peel - circa 1846

A superb eample of a

huge figure in British politics in the 19th century.

Police Officers in England have traditional nick names - "Bobbies" and "Peelers".
This is because in 1822 Sir Robert Peel founded the police service
when he was Home Secretary.

In 1809, at the age of 21 he entered Parliament, was Secretary for Ireland
from 1812 - 18 and became Prime Minister briefly in 1834.

In 1841 he became Prime Minister again, introducing
significant legislation
such as the Mines Act of 1842, which forbade the employment of women and children underground and the Factory Act of 1844, which limited working hours for children and women in factories.

In 1845 Peel attempted to repeal the Corn Laws,
introduced to protect British agriculture, as there was a great need
to free up more food for Ireland where a potato famine was raging.
 Landowners resisted in the House of Commons and Peel's
own Conservative Party would not support him.
 The debate lasted for months.
In June 1846, with support from the Whigs and the Radicals,
the Corn Laws were repealed.
On the same day Peel was defeated on another bill and resigned.
As a result of these policies he was hugeley popular with the working classes.
But he never held office again.

He was thrown from his horse in Hyde Park in 1850
and died three days later from his injuries.

Our potters reflected this popularity by producing many Staffordshire Figures
of Sir Robert and this example is one of the best.

This is very good example,
a fine glaze, very good gilding, superb colouring,
lovely red striped trousers
and with an excellent face.

This figure is in very good condition.
There is no damage
and there is no restoration.

Height: 8.75 inches


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