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A Staffordshire Centrepiece of Greyhounds and a Spaniel - circa 1850

Yes it is the delightful Staffordshire figure on the front cover of
A - Z of Staffordshire Dogs,
A wonderful book,
by Clive Mason Pope,

It took me many years to find a really good, perfect example of this figure,
I then got two superb examples one after another
and only then noticed the variations.

First point, this is the only example I have seen
on a green marblised serpentine base, every other example
I have come across has a pink base.

This obvious difference aside, we all just assume it is always the same model,
but on closer inspection they are completely different models.
See pictures below.

The hind legs are almost separate  and the necks more slender on the green
example, in fact the greyhounds are just finer.
Then you notice the cushions are different,
the detail of the modelling between the dogs is also different,
the stippled effect on the pink example looks a lot sharper and finally you
look at the shape and modelling of the base.

Finally the Pink based version is slightly smaller.

The answer is that the model on our book is the figure with the finer necks
but less detail between the dogs, and yes it has a pink base not green.

Either figure looks marvellous as a centrepiece,
great as a matched pair,
but which one do you prefer?

I just love them both.........of course!

Both these examples with their striking colouring
 are just wonderful figures and look great.
Which is one reason why Mr.Pope
chose to decorate the front cover of his book

 They are in superb condition,
with no damage and with no restoration.

Height: 7 inches

Provenance of both figures: John Howard


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