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A Pair of Staffordshire Figures

Sir George Brown and General Pelissier - circa 1854

The first pair in the famous "Long Series" of six military commanders.

Sir Gordon Brown served with distinction in the Peninsular War of 1851
and awarded a knighthood for his services in 1852.
He commanded the Light Division in the Crimean War.
A veteran at Alma and Inkerman.

General Pelissier Commanded the First Corps in 1854 in the Crimea
and was commander-in-chief before the battle of Sebastopol.
He received a marshal's baton for the storming of Malakoff
and became the French Ambassador in London
and then the Governor of Algeria.

This is a wonderful and true pair that have always been together.
Gordon Pugh excellently summarises the "Long Series".

This first pair was probably issued in 1854.

The second pair of
Sir W.F.Williams and the Duke of Cambridge
were probably issued in 1855,

The third pair of
Sir Colin Campbell and Sir Henry Havelock
were issued in 1857-8 during the Indian Mutiny.

If you are looking for this pair,
you will not find finer examples.

There is no damage
and there is no restoration.

Height: 8.5 inches


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