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Boxing - A Staffordshire Figure of Heenan & Sayers circa 1860

The greatest barefist fight of the 19th Century
took place at Farnborough in England
on April 17th 1860 between the great American heavy-weight
John Carmel Heenan, "The Benica Boy" and the Champion of England,
middle-weight Tom Sayers.

This was a national event in front of over 12,00 spectators.
Standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 10 stone ten pounds,
Sayers was 6 inches shorter and 3 stone lighter than Heenan.

In a fight lasting over 2 hours,
Sayers dislocated his right arm in round 4, but fought on using only his left.
Despite these disadvantages Sayers used great courage and footwork.
He was knocked down on several occasions, whilst Heenan
suffered terrible punishment to his face and could hardly see by the end of the fight.
The judges called the fight a draw after 37 rounds
and both men were awarded the champions belt.

Our Potters wouldn't miss an event like that!
The contest is recorded forever in this marvellous Staffordshire Figure.

Sharply modelled and well coloured,
this example is in very good condition.

There has been no restoration.

Height: 9.25 inches


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