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A Staffordshire Centrepiece of Greyhounds and a Spaniel - circa 1850

Yes it is the delightful Staffordshire figure on the front cover of
A - Z of Staffordshire Dogs,
A wonderful book,
by Clive Mason Pope,

As Clive Pope describes:

"The two most popular dogs
of the nineteenth century"

"A centrepeice group of a King Charles Spaniel
sitting on a blue cushion with Italian Greyhound supporters
on a pink marblised serpentine base".

This lovely figure is marvellous as a centrepiece,
or it's just beautiful on it's own.

I think its a Spaniel with Greyhounds on either side,
but its all about different opinions.

This is a beauty, a superb example,
with no damage and with no restoration.

Height: 6.75 inches

Provenance : Castle Antiques


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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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