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A Pair of Staffordshire Greyhound Inkwells - circa 1850

How many people will actually recognise how good this pair are ???
How many people will actually notice this beautiful pair of dogs ???
If you do, congratulations !

Pairs of recumbant greyhounds are really common.
Why ? Because they were very nice and very useful,
so our potters made lots of them.
yes many many different models, with many variations.

This model has the addition of finely modelled hares on the base.
This model, is very rare.
This variation is superb quality.

This pair were in excellent condition,
Sadly and inexpicably the right hand dog was damaged
when in my possession.
The head came off when my wife was dusting,
so there is a break line immediately above the collar.
this has simply been glued and is very hard to see.
Of course I blame my wife !
That apart, there is no damage and no restoration.

Height: 5.25 inches


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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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