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Nick Burton - for a Quality Staffordshire Figure

A Staffordshire Figure of The Duke of Wellington - circa 1850

A superb Staffordshire Figure

of a true giant in British history.

The Duke of Wellington
had an unbelievably distinguished
military and political carear.
He was a true great.

Born in 1769, Arthur Wellesley
entered the army in 1787,
after a very successful record in India he
led the historic victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815
and the final defeat of Napoleon and the French.

Wellington was British Prime Minister from 1828-1830
and served under Peel as Foreign Secretary.
From 1842 until his death in 1852,
Wellington was a great Statesman and Commander-in-Chief.
He was Buried at St.Paul's Cathedral,
beside another great, Nelson.

This really is a marvellous example and in fantastic condition.
It is without doubt the finest example of this
version of Wellington I have seen.
The figure has brilliantly coloured enamels
and really excellent gilding.

This large rare figure is a beauty,
apart from some very minor flaking it is perfect.

There is no damage,
there is no restoration.

Height: 12 inches


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