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A Staffordshire Figure of the Huntsman John Peel - circa 1850

A classic Staffordshire Figure,
known over the years as "John Peel".

There are many staffordshire hunting figures,
these sports and pastimes were part of English life.
In just one compact figure our Staffordshire Potters
have managed to show the whole scene
in a wonderful colourful flowing display.

John Peel (1776 - 1854)
was an English huntsman
who was the hero of the nineteenth century song
"D'ye ken John Peel"
meaning do you know in Northern dialect.

John Peel was a farmer
in the English Lake District
and ran a famous pack of hounds for over 40 years.

the famous song Do you know John Peel,
was written by his friend John Woodcock Graves
around 1824.

This is another wonderful Staffordshire Figure
and throughout the decades was always known
in the antique trade as "John Peel".

For some unknown reason,
despite generations referring to this figure as John Peel,
Gordon Pugh in 1970 mentions this figure as John Peel
but adds "I know of no evidence to support this".

Harding in 1998 calls this "The Fox Hunt".

Well today I call this figure John Peel,
going with folklore;
the traditional beliefs, customs,
and stories passed through the community,
passed through the generations by word of mouth,
its made around the correct date,
it's after a famous song
and after a great character of the nineteenth century.

So raise your stirrup cup,
to John Peel !!!

There is some deterioration of the black enamels
of the horse and hunter in the firing process
and a small chip to the rim of our huntsman's hat.

There is no restoration.

Height: 10.25 inches


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