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Staffordshire Figure - Death of the Lion Queen - circa 1850

Another classic Victorian Staffordshire Figure.

This figure is a marvellous example in every way
and has all the attributes as to why we collect these wonderful figures.

Its history is facinating, ok a bit gruesome, but it's our history in pottery.
Full of life and colour, what a quality figure.

And how pleasant to see a really perfect one !
Apart from a flake or two !

Ellen Bright was George Wombwell's niece
and became a "Lion Queen" at the age of 16.
Ellen had the honour of performing for Queen Victoria
at Windsor castle.
While performing at Chatham, Kent in 1850,
she was attacked and killed by a tiger
after striking the animal with a riding whip.

Following criticism at her inquest,
women were prohibited from such performances,
menageries continued to have "Lion Kings".

A large striking, attractive figure.

It is in excellent condition with no damage
and with no restoration.

Height: 14.75 inches

I am always looking for fine quality Staffordshire Figures.

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A Staffordshire Figure - Death of the Lion Queen

Height 14.75 inches

Circa 1850