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A Very Fine Pair of Victorian Staffordshire Figures

Height 9  inches, Circa 1840

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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

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A Very Fine Pair of Victorian Staffordshire Figures - circa 1840

Theatrical, Royalty ? What a beautiful pair.

Victorian Staffordshire Figures - what a facsinating subject.

When I question why we collect these wonderful figures,
you then see a pair of figures like this.

Often the first question is what is the inspration.
The great Staffordshire Figure author P.D.Gordon Pugh
only found the male figure
and suggested it was Prince Albert with The Princess Royal.
He then suggested the general tenor of the piece was theatrical
and that the problem might be solved when the pair was found.

Well nearly 30 years later Adrian Harding in his book
Victorian Staffordshire Figures1835-1875 book 1
wrote: "The male figure has been in the past attrbuted as being
prince Albert, with the discovery of the female figure,
this can be disproved, as The Queen of England would never have
dressed in a short skirt with her knickers showing.

These are a quite outstanding pair of theatrical figures."

I think that says it all
and answers both questions.

Which leads to the next question, who exactly are they ?

What a stunning pair of attractive figures.

In excellent condition with no damage
and with no restoration.

Height: 9 inches

I am always looking for fine quality Staffordshire Figures.

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