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A Staffordshire Figure of Omer Pasha

Height 12.75 inches, Circa 1854

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Specialist in Fine English Pottery

Nick Burton - for a Quality Staffordshire Figure
A Staffordshire Figure of Omar Pasha - circa 1854

The revered Turkish General

Omar Pasha was born in present day Croatia
and served the Austrian Army in his father's regiment.
He had beautiful hand writing so was assigned to clerical duties,
but after his father was convicted for misappropriation he fled to Bosnia
where he converted to Islam.
He became writing master to the Ottoman heir, Abdul-ul-Mejid,
on whose succession in 1839 made him a Colonel.
He enjoyed a long and distinguished career,
became Commander-in-Chief of the Turkish Army
and had great influence and success in the Crimean war.

This wonderful  figure is bright, colourful and beautifully made.
It is rare, full of history and full of character.
In 1854 a Staffordshire Pottery produced a superb pair of figures,
Lord Raglan and Abdul-Mejid (titled Sultan).
The inspiration for this figure of the Sultan was an engraving in the
London Illustrated news and this model of Omar Pasha is identicle apart from the title.
People have historically described these three figures as a series.
Maybe this factory made the original pair of figures,
with their titles in gilt raised capitals,
and when Omar Pasha in 1855 had a great victory over the Russians at Eupatoria,
 in the Crimea, they removed the raised title Sultan
and replaced it with the beautiful gilt script ?

 This figure is in excellent condition.
There is no damage and no restoration.

Height: 12.75 inches

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