A Staffordshire Figure The Victory circa 1856

This figure celebrates the victory of the Allied powers over Russia
in the Crimean War in 1856.

Showing an English Sailor flanked by a French and Turkish soldier,
this figure was inspired by a print in
Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper, 15th March 1856.

The figure is constructed from a simple two-piece mould and it has everything -
an interesting history, attractive with wonderful colouring, sharp and crisp modelling,
superb high quality detailed painting, good soft gilding and a generous lead glaze.
The Turkish Soldier is decorated in underglaze cobalt blue and the figure is rare.

Apart from some minor flaking it is in perfect condition

This is the finest Victorian Staffordshire figure
I have had the pleasure to see in over 30 years.

Height: 14 inches

This is the actual figure on the front cover of
"The Victorian Staffordshire Figure"
by Anthony Oliver and described excellently therein.

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